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Sons of Anarchy Slash Community
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This community is for the Sons of Anarchy slash fandom.



The biggest rule for this community is for you all to treat each other with respect.

A comprehensive list for this comm is located here, and it's highly suggested you read them before posting.


What is okay to post:
Fanworks: fanfic, fanart, fanvids, etc. as long as it is centered around a M/M or F/F pairing.

Other pairings are great, as long as the focus is on a slash or femslash pairing. Threesomes/moresomes that include M/M or F/F are welcome.

Advertising is okay, but you have to check with the mod first. Permission will be granted on a case by case basis.


What is not okay to post:

Material that doesn't relate to M/M or F/F pairings, but instead focuses on het pairings within the Sons of Anarchy fandom.

Illegal downloads: Don't post. Don't link.

Spam: If you have two or more fics, fanvids, fanmixes, etc. to share, please link them together in one post.

Wank: Opinion's are just that--opinion's. That is what your personal journals are for. Not here.